Photo Gallery

1. Jeanne with Lutre (L), Otter (R)

2. Peter Pestalozzi, Jeanne's husband, carrying the Indian Otter

Bourquin Boats shop

Joe Seliga

3. Ely Shop in winter

4. Jeanne with Joe Seliga

5. Joan with Atkinson Traveler

6. Ribs bent on form

7. Ribs on Forms at North House Folk School.
Otter (Left), Atkinson Traveler (Right)

8. Canvasing in Ely

indian otter Peter & Jeanne

9. Indian Otter-Waves

10. Jeanne & Peter, Indian Otter, Burntside

Yoke Pads

11. Ricing, Yoke Pads

12. Reflections- Indian Otter

13. Slat Seats - Atkinson Traveler, also showing a half-seat, or "thwart-seat" for solo paddling

14. Handcaned Seats & Shadows

Build Canoe at North House Build Canoe at Jeannes shop

15. Build-your-Own Class, North House Folk School

16. Family Build-Your-Own, Ely

North House repair class North House Repair Class

17. Repair Class - North House Folk School

18. Repair Class - North House Folk School

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